Why Cloud Based?

Trusted by millions of people and businesses around the world cloud computing allows users to share and access applications and data securely over the internet using virtual servers.

Software as a service (or Saas) refers to "on-demand software" which is centrally hosted in the cloud on a webserver. Cloud computing dates back to the 1960's. The expansion of the Internet during the 1990s helped cloud computing expand its reach and offer users faster access and more functionality.

Benefits of Cloud Applications

The Benefits

Lower Costs Easier to Manage
No Software to install Less Hardware issues
No need for servers Less Software needed to be installed
NO Additional IT Support Less Downtime
Less power consumed Automated Secure Backups
More Scalable More Flexible
Easier to Budget - Annual Subscriptions Faster deployment to meet user needs
Easier Add / Remove Users Easier to setup / change user access levels
Easier to access remotely

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