Special Projects - WelfareTo Work

SFA - Skills Funding Agency
ESF - European Social Fund
DWP - Department for Work and Pensions

We can support the delivery of Welfare to work Provisions / Contracts. We have helped the industry’s leading service providers by giving them the ability to effectively support their client groups.

How can we help you meet your Targets?

With our powerful cloud based application, we can help providers to drive their performance up and increase efficiency, and this benefits the clients by putting the client journey at the centre of the core application.

Core functions include Client Appointment Booking, Diary Management, Client Attendance, Qualifications, Placement Timesheets, Job Search / Matching. These along with other tools give staff all they need to manage the Client Journey effectively.

Other Key Features

Our Experience

Our software is used by some of industry’s leading providers and we are experts in translating operational requirements in Welfare to Work, into usable software that support your staff. Over the years our software has been refined to perform well and be highly secure inline with DWP requirements.