Our Services

TPS offers a very flexible range of designs and Solutions. Our primary focus is on quality and user ability. We aim to develop Websites / Applications that are:

  • Fast-loading
  • Clear and Clean Navigation
  • Professional looking design
  • Optimized for search engine visibility

We also believe in making life easier for you and your users. That means your users should be able to find what they are looking for in less than 6 clicks.

We use the latest technologies along with the best Security features available to ensure that you and your users are Safe & Secure.

Cloud Applications that grab your attention

     "Websites That Grab

         your Attention!"


Creativity and technical know-how lie in the heart of our software. Our designs address your core business needs, the user experience, and underpinned by technology.


Hold on to your socks through our quick and iterative agile and scrum build time. You can evaluate and re-dress the development as it happens.


Whether deploying to the cloud, or to your own network infrastructure, our team have the expertise to ensure smooth deployment of all your provisioned services.

Our Solutions

We build software for the desktop, browser and mobile. We design rich and rewarding experiences for the user, as well as software that can address the most complex of business challenges. We manage data in all sizes, from all sources, and build complex analytical platforms to provide the level of interogration and insight that you require.


We detail our understanding of your requirements and a high level approach of how we intend to fulfill them. This includes a proposed solution architecture and guidelines regarding the development process and timescales for each component. We detail potential change events in the build process and explain how they can shape the final solution in one direction or another. If you are happy with the outcome of this excercise then we are ready to move on to the design and build cycle.

Software Design

We build in small incremental steps and engage you in regular testing and evaluation (see Scrum and Agile). You have continual access to a testing platform and we release short development sprints onto this platform. We agree timescales for each sprint, which can be anything from a day to a few weeks, and you can review the progress after each sprint cycle. Progress and feedback is tracked using onTime Scrum, an on-line Agile Project Management tool. Using this development approach we are able to respond rapidly to feedback and change requests.

Cloud Solutions

With no up-front investments, no resourcing for the future, you get what you need, when you need it, and pay accordingly. For us Cloud Deployments are a no-brainer. We partner with Amazon Web Services, (see aws.amazon.com) who are in our opinion by far the leading and most progressive cloud service provider there is.

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Data Analytics

We can help you to structure and organise your data, both from a logical perspective throughout the various channels within your organisation and from a physical perspectivce, across the appropriate storage formats and locations that you require. We organise and structure your data to support the different interactions you require, whether it be large scale collection, secure storage, high security or availability for complex interrogation.

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Legacy Systems

Do you want to connect your legacy systems to the modern era of browser and mobile? We can write software that will connect into your legacy systems or we can remodel your legacy systems into a cloud architecture, in either case we can bring your enterprise into the era of modern computing.