Missing a Piece? We can make it!

All companies are not the same, so why should your app be?

Off the shelf doesn't always work when it comes to software applications. Team Pro Solutions has a long history in developing custom applications to fit client’s needs. We excel in developing web-based apps which allow you to grow with technology.

Don't Change your Processes,
Change your Software!

The procurement process for these systems too often begins with a list of desired features. This is the wrong starting point. We should approach internal software in the same way that we develop external applications: starting with users’ needs.

Regardless of whether you already have a system in place, identify your different user groups. Who will be using each system? Once you know that, shadow them for a while. Understand how they work. What do they do each day, and what system do they already use to get their work done? Look for pain points in that system, and talk to them about where they get frustrated. Identify the information they need to do their job. Finally, identify your users’ top tasks. Which tasks do your different user groups do again and again. These need to be super-accessible.

You might think that you now have enough information to buy a system. But just because something has the functionality you need does not mean it is easy to use. Before leaping for expensive software, design the user experience. We can do that with some simple prototype.

Build a Perfect System to Perfectly fit your users

Do you see the difference here? The experience is designed around the user, not around what the software provides. Also, if you cannot find software that meets the needs of your users, don't buy software, but build software!